Born From Uncharted Territories

Our adventure began from crowdfunding

The beginning

Apricoat was born from a group of international explorers who wanted to make the ultimate high-quality, innovative, and sustainable adventure clothing. For months, we researched, spoke with industry leaders, took it to the mountains, the streets, the forest, and even the sea. After hundreds of prototypes, failing over and again, we can now proudly say we've absolutely perfected our product.

We've learned the hard way

The success of Apricoat's first crowdfunding campaign was humbling. It taught us trust, product design, international production, and especially on the importance of customer relationships.

With feedback from 15,000 backers, we grew Apricoat from a single product to a full on outdoor clothing brand.

A young, successful company

We've learned our lessons the hard way - but the right way. Early on, from both our failures and successes, finding the right partners, building Apricoat slowly but surely.

Just like our gear, we’re always on the move.

So if you love the outdoors and startups — this might be the dream place for you. Check out our open positions:

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Our Technology

We make fine-tuned products with state-of-the-wild technology


Our Down Jacket features RipStop fabric made to prevent unwanted rips and tears, and reinforced shoulders stand up to harsh conditions or heavy backpacks.


When you work up a sweat, our innovative ventilation system has your back. The Down Jacket’s upper back slit opens to circulate the air. Extra slits under the arms keep everything easy breezy.


Keep all your gear accessible and dry and get to all your pockets easily without overstretching or making too big of an effort. Comfort and convenience when exploring are possible!


Stands for Differential Weight Distribution. Our patented technology means you can carry more items with you, without feeling like your jacket is overloaded. Life is all about balance!


We even added a smart compartment for your hydration pack so you can drink up when you’re thirsty. It fits perfectly in the jacket design so you don't even realize it’s there.

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