What are pre-orders?


It's good for you

Get early bird discounted prices and help us to produce only the necessary amount of that product needed for the community. This way we can also understand if a product should be further developed and produced in the future.

It's great for the planet

This is a sustainable model of collective production which helps the planet. Products are made to order (MTO), meaning all materials are purchased only for that run. Less waste on shelves and less carbon footprint left on the planet! 🌍

Building community

Buying collectively on such campaigns means you are a part of a selected group of people who believe that adventure gear can be smarter, more functional and eco-conscious.

We make it count!

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Production Updates

Adventure 2.0

In production

Shipping Starts:
August, 2021

New batches are on the way, shipment is expected to start worldwide in August, 2021.

Down Jacket + Thermal


Shipment date:
July, 2021

On Kickstarter | On IndieGogo

Adventure 1.0


Shipment date:
May - June '18

On Kickstarter | On IndieGogo

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