Recycle & Recover: our commitment

We love the planet and know you do, too. All of our products are made with:

♻️ 100% recycled materials;

✅ Waste reduction and spoilage-free;

🙂 Certified fair labor factory policies.

100% Recycled

We are committed to helping the planet to recover. Gear made from hundreds of recycled plastic bottles.
Polyester from recycled bottles

Each jacket is made with the polyester of approximately 300 recycled plastic bottles. That means less plastic in the oceans and a cleaner planet 🌎.

We source out only certified material and actively work with re-purposed material and green technologies.

Synthetic Down

This insulation material is made from polyester threading that intertwines to work like natural down.

It is able to keep you warm even when wet, making it perfect for snow and rain. When it gets wet, the moisture is trapped between the fibers, rather than in them, making it much easier to dry.

This technology is used on our toughest — the Down Jacket.

Don't talk, act

We want to be part of the change, too. See some of the projects we & our community have collaborated with:

reduce emissions
Green Shipping Protection™

Say hello to 100% carbon offsetting, shipping protection, and dedicated support — offered by Corso. We’re making it easy for our customers to do right by the planet by providing an option at checkout to offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with shipping your order.

Additionally, every single package can be protected against theft, damage, and carrier mishandling to ensure your goods arrive safe and sound. We’ll do right by the planet together! 🌳

1 Jacket = 1 Tree Planted

By getting your new Apricoat Adventure 2.0 Jacket in March, you contributed for reforestation around the world!

We planted a tree per each jacket sold via our friends from One Tree Planted, totalling 883 reforested between the U.S., Canada, Asia and South America.

Planet month 🌎
Cleaning up the Oceans

Plastic pollution is a topic we really care about: our gear is made of 100% recycled polyester coming from plastic bottles, which means we are on a mission of getting rid of plastic waste. ♻️

In order to celebrate the International Earth Day (April 22nd), with each order placed we donated $2 to the The Ocean Cleanup project, as an independent contributor.

Buy a Jacket, Adopt a Rhino

Protect the most rugged of all species! In celebration of World Rhino Day (Sep. 22nd), and for a whole month, every EcoDown Jacket sale donated $5 to adopt a rhino calf alongside the International Rhino Foundation.