The Every-Adventure Pants

560% funded on crowdfunding. Coming Soon!

Funded in 12h!

Fresh from Kickstarter, the Every-Adventure Pants are coming to life soon

Fully functional. Great looking

Awesome, durable pants with 11 useful pockets to accompany you on every adventure— from hikes to airports to happy hours and beyond.

Our Adventure Pants are tough enough to wear on a hike in the mountains, comfy enough for a long flight, and stylish enough to grab a drink with friends.


We take comfort and sustainability equally serious, so you can adventure away without worries and also help planet to recover. The materials used in the Adventure Pants are 92% Polyamide (Nylon from recycled plastic bottles) and 8% Spandex (Elastan). Yay!

Our crowdfunding campaign has just ended and production is starting. We will open pre-order sales soon also on our website so in case you missed the campaign, you can still guarantee yours with special discounts before it launches! Shipping is estimated to happen in June, 2022.

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