What are pre-orders?

Pre-orders or crowdfunding are modern ways to launch new products with a controlled & sustainable use of materials.

All Apricoat items are launched following this model as our community is committed to helping the planet recover from the human-effect of the past decades.

Pre-ordering is caring! ❤️


It's good for you

Get early bird discounted prices and help us to produce only the necessary amount of that product. This way we can also understand if a product should be further developed and produced in the future.

It's great for the planet

A sustainable model of collective production which helps the planet. Products are made to order (MTO), meaning all materials are purchased only for that run. Less waste on shelves and less carbon footprint left on the planet! 🌍

Make it count!

Use this section to explain a set of product features, to link to a series of pages, or to answer common questions about your products. Add images for emphasis.

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Production Updates

Adventure Pants

In production.

Shipment date:
Est. June, 2022

On Kickstarter

Adventure 2.0


Shipment date:
November, 2021

New batches are in stock, fulfilment of specific colors and sizes are in progress.

Glacier Jacket


Shipping Starts:
December, 2021

Production has finished, shipment started on 15th of December, 2021.

Down Jacket + Thermal Wear


Shipment date:
July, 2021

On Kickstarter | On IndieGogo

Adventure 1.0


Shipment date:
May - June '18

On Kickstarter | On IndieGogo

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