Episode 1: Our Marketing Team

Here at Apricoat we love to adventure further and gain new experiences to share! To kick off our new blog series called "Uncharted Territories, Unexpected Stories" we asked our team to share their best travel experiences. Our team has traveled to a variety of countries and is here to share with you some of our favorites!


Eastern Europe by Tali Geifman,
Content Creator & Community Manager

Eastern Europe by Tali Geifman 

The coolest trip you’ve ever been on:

In between semesters during college, my friends and I went to Eastern Europe. Within two week we traveled to Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Prague! Europe is definitely an amazing place to adventure to as you can easily get from place-to-place within a short amount of time.

Would you recommend traveling there?

I recommend each and every one of the cities I went to on this trip! Budapest has a very fun nightlife scene and interesting architecture while Bratislava transported her back in time with its quaint streets. Additionally, Vienna was filled with a ton of history and art and Prague made me feel like I was walking through a storybook village! 

What item do you wish you had brought on your trip?

I wish I had the Adventure 2.0 Jacket on this trip! Traveling to all those countries in a very short amount of time, I was unable to pack nearly as much as I would have wanted to. Having an Apricoat 2.0 jacket would have kept me warm and more prepared with all of the travel essentials on-hand!


USA by Paula Rúpolo,
Head of Marketing

USA by Paula Rúpolo @larupolo

The coolest trip you’ve ever been on:

I have always really loved Indie American movies where people set off on the open road. In 2010, I set off to experience this first hand so I organized a trip with one of my best friends. We had both been working in the creative industry in Sao Paulo so we flew to L.A. in the beginning of April. After a few days there we rented a car and traveled towards Las Vegas, eventually we made it to the south rim of the beautiful Grand Canyon National Park. Next stop was Phoenix, where we dropped the car and flew to Texas, Chicago, and finally New York where I was able to celebrate her 25th birthday!

Would you recommend traveling there?

Sure. I was very eager to travel around the United States and see as much as I could within the time I had, so even up for sacrificing sleep in order to keep moving! I recommend renting a car for going with a group of friends if you are not living in the states as there is so much to see and do, which is not possible without proper transportation.

What item do you wish you had brought on your trip?

I wish I had packed smarter pieces of clothing such as sweaters, jackets, or travel pants. The right type of clothing can make a huge difference when it comes to your comfort on trips!


Africa by Karyn Handler,
Marketing intern

South Africa by Karyn Handler

The coolest trip you’ve ever been on:

I loved my family trip to Africa in 2018. We value traveling together whenever we get the chance to and Africa was a continent we were able to check off our bucket list!

The trip started off in Cape Town, South Africa, where we went on an amazing sunrise hike at Table Mountain National Park. The view from the top was an unforgettable experience. Next we traveled to the Cape of Good Hope, which is the most South-Western point of the African Continent. After about a week in Cape Town, we flew to Botswana, where we spent another week on a Safari adventure. For 5 days straight we woke up at 6am for Jeep tours around the Safari to see many different types of wildlife. One of my favorite parts about this family trip was having no phone service or WIFI while in Botswana because it gave us family time to just hang out together without the distraction of phones and social media. 

Would you recommend traveling there?

I highly recommend traveling to Cape Town and Botswana. Africa was always a place we always wanted to visit and it exceeded our expectations! If you like hiking and outdoor adventures, Africa is the most beautiful place to travel! 

What item do you wish you had brought on your trip? 

One item I wish I had brought was a portable charger. There are so many amazing sites and moments to capture that having a dead phone is not helpful! Being able to confidently use your phone during the day to take a ton of pictures without worrying about it losing charge is important!


What about you?
Want to share your most memorable travel adventure with the APRICOAT Community? We would love to hear it and share it on our blog! 

Email tali@apricoat.com with answers to the questions above and attach photos from your trip.


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