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Right Gear.

Unleash your inner explorer with gear backed by 20,000+ adventurers

560% Funded!

We're bringing the ultimate travel pants to life. Fully funded on Kickstarter!

Conquer Any Weather.

Functionality crafted from up-cycled plastic bottles. Tenaciously ready for any situation.

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Jackets carefully crafted by real-life explorers. Made for unforgettable adventures.

Glacier Jacket - Limited Edition

A down jacket for restless, yet fashionable, adventurous women. Unleash the intrepid explorer in you.

Thermal Collection

Gear up with the ultimate winter essentials

Recycle & Recover

Products made with 100% green materials. Over 900,000 plastic bottles recycled last year, this is our commitment to sustainability.

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From crowdfunding to the world, Apricoat has been backed by over 20,000+ people. And what an awesome community!