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Apricoat Marketplace FAQs

No, All products that are being sold on 'Apricoat Marketplace' are products our team has ordered, tested, contacted lead manufacturers, optimizer prices and shipping prices to give our customers best possible experience.

Before approving a product and uploading it onto our Marketplace, we find different variants of the product, order it to our headquarters, test it out on the trails: Being aggressive with it, trying to rip it, putting in water, weight test, battery tests and more, and the winner products - go through to the next level of manufacture-supplier relations.

We will start by saying yes, BUT!

Those of you who order a lot online know already - you can find same product, with-in hundreds on different suppliers.

some will be overpriced, some will arrive after a month, some will never show up, and some will even not be the same product as mentioned.

This is the reason we have decided to open 'Apricoat Approved' Marketplace, so we will get you covered from A-Z: Service>To product Quality.